the technical work Zen. The server is updated. технические работы на сервере Zen. Сервер обновляется.

 Market info
  New age of SOLO mining

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WELCOME! Service Online
from Aug 21 2017
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ZEN адрес пула: znUCnSPuRbihsUAzTet5KmvSambkaKLCQzJ

 Pool Features

  • Ports any Diff for any rigs and cloud rental
  • Low fees for solo: 3% fee
  • High reward each miner - 10.62ZEN for block
  • Stratum enabled mining
  • DDOS protection, stable work servers
  • Anonymous Mining
  • Support Nicehash and Miningrigrentals
  • Support on chats and social profiles 24 hours
  • Deep statistics
  • Gradual addition profit coins on different
  • Bonuses
  • Fine-tuning to increase profit
  • NEW generation of mining and new community
    for all!
  • And many other... just try!